1956 VW 23 Window Microbus
"The Radio Bus"

Here it is...tons of photos...may take a while to load but well worth the wait.
This is a very interesting vehicle that  ended up in a top level collection.

Big whip antenna

Original headlight lenses.

Good chrome

Truly a historical vehicle.

Ding on the drivers side door edge.

Brand new period correct Firestone blackwall tires.

Incredibly solid machine

Graphics are done in vinyl so thy could be removed pretty easy.
But it is a true part of the history of the Bus....perhaps they should be left alone?

Power outlet plug in the side...big fat cord comes with it...plug it in and you are ready to broadcast!

Boom antenna mounted to the rear corner.

And it is a really big one! Directional too...they would just turn the antenna until the signal strength was best
(measured by a gauge on the dash) then lock it down and get to work.

Original taillights...reflectors are cracked but intact.

Personalized plate is another great bit of its history.

There is some paint lifting going on on the decklid...but nothing broken through.

Original keys are with the Bus and fit the locks

Very straight vehicle

Chrome bumpers were done in the 70's when it was painted in this color scheme.

Great looking Bus...lets look a little closer shall we?

The underside is very very solid.
A long life of garage living has kept it away from the elements.

Floors are super solid.

Belly pans are all intact and clean.


Transmission has been changed for a synchromesh unit...engine has been upgraded as well.
This was done in the 70's during the re-painting of the car.

New exhaust

New damper pip and tip as well.

Apron has been trimmed to fit the exhaust for the newer engine.

OK...how about the inside now...this is where it gets really cool.

Front seat is all original as is just about everything in here.
Amazing condition.
And the original rear seats are still with the Bus...that is right, the original 6 leg middle seat and the rear seat with the luggage bar.
A little dirty from storage but in amazing original condition.

Original Continental spare tire.

Body number

Original padding in nice shape.

Paper inspection tag

Steering wheel shows some wear on the edge.

Signal strength gauge for the antenna mounted in the dash.

22,000 original miles!

All original paint inside of course... nice Motorola radio

Original wind-up dash clock.

Original keys on a matching radio station key fob.

Floors are amazingly solid

This is a Wolfsburg built Bus...hence the dog leg panels with the seam such as this.

Original floor mat has some heel wear.
Low mileage but lots of short drives as the Bus never really left the town it was in.

Speaker for the dash radio.


Visor is in amazing condition.

Fresh air box is very clean.
Original headliner too

Looks like the headliner materil under the sunroof cover was replaced at one point...it's a bit lighter in color.
Correct grooved sunroof handle.

Original windshield glass on both sides!

Another shot of the early style "dog leg" panel

Door pockets are intact.
Original panels are in pretty nice shpe actually...and a litle cleaning might make them even better.

Back outside for a quick breather...

In the passenger compartment the party continues.
Original bulkhead panel in very nice shape.
Original rubber floor mat is under the carpet by the way...carpet is glued down however.

Two turntables and a microphone!
Chair is not the original (and the wife wants it back)
It would have had a swivel office chait in the early days.

I had all the equipment functioning and was able to spin records and broadcast them through the speakers that are stored on the back deck,
but last time I turned it on there was a wisp of smoke that came from the side of the mixing board so I immediatly cut the power...
have not had a chance to investigate. Most likely a tube or resistor gave up the ghost.

Presto Pirouette turn tables are very cool. Note the levels on the side and the front.

The cabinets below the turntables open up for storage

And in the cabinets are the leveling cranks for the turn tables...park it, crank these babies until level and you are ready to spin!

Here's some power cords and rubber mat material to cover the cords for crowd safety.

This is the area under the desk and mixing board.
Large copper strip must be a part of the grounding system.
Neat period tiles on the kick board and base of the cabinets.

Heater vent...nicely done.

Microphone and mixing board are a bit newer than the original 50's equipment but are the ones
actually used in the Bus during it's post 60's time.

Pull down window shades give the DJ a little privacy when needed.

Flip open drawer storage is filled with vintage tubes and wires and accessories.
Even an original promotional postcard for the Bus back in 1956!

Amplifier is mounted in this cabinet door.
Above is a telephone jack.

Door opens for easy access to the back of the amp along with a little more storage space.

Interesting to see that they built the cabinet right over the armrest.

Original panels throughout.

Some delamination of the material from the boards, but not bad.

Latch is quite shiny.

Original grab handle

Detail of the monitor speaker that the DJ would use when not on headphones.

Original headliner in pretty amazing shape.

Sunroof section was replaced at some point in it's history, but the rest is all the original material.

Jailbars are all in place.

Rear hatch panel.

These big box speakers are hooked up with long wires so that they can be brought out of the Bus and set up so that the
crowds around the Bus can hear the broadcast live and also can be used as a public address system.
They store neatly here on the deck as well.

Under the nifty rubber mat in back you can see the original wool carpet is very well preserved.

Thoe shot forward looking in from the hatch...wild stuff.

This is a two way radio that the DJ could use to contact the station.

Here is the receiver.

A young DJ getting the feel for the set up...

Back outside it is a beautiful sight as well.

Oh yes...the engine...forgot about that. Yes...it has one.
It is a stock 1300cc engine that was installed in the 70's along with the synchro trans.
I guess the 36 horse and the crash box were a little toublesome for the hilly area around the town it was used.
So this was done as an upgrade. The engine runs very smooth, trans is good, and the brakes have been freshly done.
Still 6 volt electrics by the way.

Inside the engine compartment.

Battery side...
Just beyond the battery you can see the clue that the passenger side rear quarter panel has
been replaced. This was done in the 70's after a traffic incident.

Backside of the decklid shows a little hammer work donebut it is pretty clean.

One very innovative radio studio!

Sparta Console

Now part of  Der Fatherland, one of the world's most amazing VW Collections lives!

Fellow Broadcasters! We Hope This Gives You Some Ideals!

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