Micro Broadcaster's Extras
I love designing and building innovative new studios! I also enjoy checking out other
micro broadcast studios.

Pioneer's RT 707 reel to reel, can be found in many vintage radio stations; both home and commercial.
Some undocumented radio stations are better equipped than than their licensed cousins.
Schafer Automation
The Griffin Rocket FM, wasn't cutting it! So I hooked up a small USB audio adapter and a Ramsey FM30 Stereo FM transmitter and now the radio station pictured; is cooking with GAS.  The Ramsey FM30 has great power and range - all around my house and a bit beyond, so I need to be careful not to get a visit from the pesky FCC.

I had an old BBE Sonic Maximizer, so I put that in the loop between the USB sound adapter, and the Ramsey; and now the Audio is almost commercial quality.  (there is still some noise getting in somewhere - probably from dirty power).  The BBE boosts the highs and the lows enough to make the music sound a little more robust.

This is exactly what I wanted for working around the house and in the garage.  I am looking forward to the summer.

 The only thing I would like to add; is the ability to Text-to-speech the local NOAA forecast and slip it into the play list on a regular basis.
Ramsey FM30 FM Transmitter Kit
Procaster AM Transmitter
Tuning meter used in Procaster AM transmitter
Procaster AM Transmitter, on 12' ladder; undergoing final audio adjustments and testing.
Procaster, has an audio processor built in; adjustment should be made before raising the transmitter to its final location. It takes a few days of tweaking and road testing, to get the sound just right.

TV Rabbit Ears antenna, used as a FM broadcast antenna. The antenna is fed with RG-6 cable, while it was only intended to cover the property; surprisingly it covers a lot more with only 50 milliwatts, powered by an EDM LCD FMtransmitter. The signal can be heard clearly over 3,000' away; at only 15' above ground.
Catch Me If You Can!
Renegade radio station set up, for the on the go broadcaster!
Broadcasting With A Procaster Part 15 AM Transmitter
Broadcasting With A Ramsey FM Transmitter
Procaster AM Transmitter
EDM Transmitter
EDM FM Transmitters
Tobasco's Amazing Clock Wheel
Zara Radio English
Shure SM58 Real or Fake
Is it real or a fake?
More photos here
C.Crane Mod
CCrane Mod
Supercharge your C.Crane FM transmitter
Setting Up Your Own Radio Network
Transmitter shack studio, is a
unique set up that was surprising
comfortable to work with.
Old School Automation
  Coverage for the Procaster AM transmitter is about 1/2 with a good signal, but can be heard a little over a mile with a fair signal. 

We use this Procaster, to rebroadcast the weather 24/7 on 1610AM. The main advantage to the Procaster over other transmitters is that a processor is built in.

We find the processor good enough for talk programming, like the weather we broadcast. ultimately the transmitter will end up on the roofs peak.

FM Dipole broadcast antenna blending within the tree branches. While this antenna is less than 20ft above ground and fed with 250 milliwatts; it still covers well over six miles with a good signal.
Some of the faces of the Radio Brandy Campus
Every Radio Station Needs a Mascot!
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