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Micro broadcast studios, come in many different forms. Some are very basic; while others are as complex and professional as their bigger cousins. Here are some examples of studios used by micro broadcaster around the country. We hope this gives you some ideals for setting up your own radio station.
This is a vintage studio, using an LPB console and a pair of UMC cart machines. This set up would be perfect for the station that receives the majority from a satellite or stream.
Here is a set up we created for a station of ours, where the majority of the programming comes in via satellite and a computer. Unlike the LPB console above; the Shure SE30 lacks any cue or monitoring facilities on its own.

To solve that problem, a receiver was placed below the mixer. Carts don't need cueing like most sources; so not having a cue output did not create a problem.
This simple set up used by Outlaw Radio, consist of a Behringer 602a mixer, two computers, two XM radios and processing. The extended stay motel based radio station, provided programming to guest that included talk shows and music.

The antenna, was mounted in the center of the motel room by 50lb fishing line. The 100milliwatt radio station, was able to cover about a mile; having the antenna indoors, affected coverage dramatically.
This is a simple studio that relies on a notebook for the majority
of its programming.
This studio equipped with some
vintage gear, with some modern
touches added along with
some nice furnishings.
Taking Your Radio Station On The Road!
Complete radio station in a vintage VW Bus.
Radio Station contained in a trailer.
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Roll Up J-Pole antenna from FM DX
Processing & careful monitoring
make everything sound great!
Allied Elecronics
Remember the good
old days of the
electronic catalogues?
A well tuned antenna system allows more energy to radiate than warm cables and damage finals
Need Input!

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Retro 70's style home studio with
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Retro automation used in radio stations for decades
Many radio stations receive their programming via satellite.
Brian, stands near the new Weather 1610AM & Kids 101.7 part 15 AM & FM studios. The equipment consist of a Shure SE30, ITC 3D cart machine and Bearcat scanner that feeds 1610AM programming into a Procaster AM transmitter. Kids 101.7 uses a Ramsey transmitter, and is fed by a Shure M67 mixer, Zara Radio 1.6 is used in the DJ assist mode and a Dynamax cart machine is used for liners, ID's and fill music. During the night, the mix bus from the SE30 is fed in to the mix bus on the M67. Kids 101.7 runs Old Time Radio shows in the evening. The screen less 4-bay UHF antenna is used to receive NOAA weather 24/7.

A simple kid friendly radio studio and the recycled radio equipment; is ready to serve another generation!

Censored Post from Hobby Broadcasting
We have added several
micro broadcasters to the site; like
"The CROW" and "87.9FM The Wave"

87.9 The Wave
Welcome to our website!
I'm a former student of the Broadcast Workshop, and love everything about radio! I hope you continue to enjoy this site; dedicated to our friends in micro broadcasting.

We learned about broadcasting here
This is where we relax after doing a show or production
We are the future of broadcasting
Today we can fit the power of this automation system into a notebook with ease! Did I mention we could stream our station with that same notebook?
Radio Brandy Scrapbook
Little Radio
Little Radio pirate gear circa 2004 - secret basement, Echo Park, CA
Ramsey FM30b Review
Another simple computer based studio